I undertook Monika’s 30 Day program with a very different intention – to regain the health and vitality I had lost over a long period of time. I wanted to banish the feeling of being weighed down constantly, lethargic and generally lacking in energy.
Over the thirty days with Monika I was astonished to learn of her depth of knowledge in health and nutrition. She shared openly and generously her insights into all the factors affecting weight loss for women over 35 – hormones, vitamins, mindset and what to eat and when.
There were no tricks, gimmicks or “do withouts”. Her honest and caring approach and weekly check in calls to give advice and guidance into how to maximise nutrition from our daily food intake was priceless. Her no nonsense approach made it easy for everyone to be engaged with the program.

What sets Monika apart is how much research and testing she has put into this fantastic program. Her focus on shifting our mindset to get the results we each set out to is the key to success for her clients.

I am truly grateful that I have definitely achieved what I intended to – an increased level of energy, vitality and have noticed the benefits in my skin and general health. Thank you Monika for your dedication, sensitivity, care and support throughout your program. I wish you continued success in helping other clients achieve their weight loss goals also.

Chris Picone
0409 740 933

I went into the program not quick sure what to expect but found I discovered more about myself than just the focus of my weight. Monika’s one on one session really bought things to the surface and got me to better understand how to get into a habit that supported the lifestyle I wanted to live.
Monika brings a different view on weight loss and is unique in her approach with covering a vast range of strategies to use.
So no matter where you are in your journey to weight loss there is something for everyone to take from the program and apply it to your individual situation.
Androulla Sakkas
“I haven’t been this weight since BEFORE I was pregnant”
I jumped on the scales twice this morning, and took each measurement three times, because I just couldn’t believe it. Total of 8cm since starting. My waist is down to 66.5cm, down 1.5cm in total – I thought that once I had my baby, 70cm was the best I was going to get, but how wrong was I – pleased to be wrong in this instance. 1.5cm off my bottom, 2.5cm off my thighs, 1.5cm off my calves, 1cm of my neck, Quite extraordinary.
Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in this progamme. I have so gotten so much more out of it than I was expecting, it’s been amazing.
Jacinda Matzer
Monika has been very instrumental in helping me to elicit my success criteria and understanding how to meet my needs more resourcefully as well as developing a plan of action for eating and preparing nourishing meals. I now feel confident in forming new solid habits with the realisation that it can be fun and quite simple once we came up with a blueprint that works specifically for me.
Hulya Kazanaksu