Have you tried losing weight lately; it’s bloody hard!

First published for Natural Beauty Expert http://naturalbeautyexpert.com.au/the-psychology-of-weight-loss/   September 21, 2015;

Hiking through the low carb – meal replacement shakes- high fat – paleo – restricted calorie wilderness, is no walk in the park!  Not to mention when a super fit specimen of a human being proceeds to tell you the weight management solution is a simple equation of “energy in vs energy out”.  The only thing you can expect to lose long term is interest!  If you were a computer this whole weight loss diet thing would be cinch, just upload the diet of your choice and bam! drop 15kgs and install the “I have six-pack abs” program while you are at it.

The human psyche in its intriguing complexity is capable of far more than just a cut and paste prescription. It powers your desire for beauty, confidence and fulfilment which at some point has been connected with weight loss.  Truth is weight loss is achieved when you stop wanting it so bad by examining and addressing the underlining factors that have led you to wanting to change yourself.

 “When we overeat, its often because we are hungry for something completely different, such as love, self-esteem, security or success”  – Deepak Chopra

When you pursue your souls desire (not a superficial one), weight loss will be an effortless by-product.

The 30 Day Body Beautiful weight loss program incorporates the following weight loss psychology principles for long term success and total body wellness:

  1. Your Psychology takes some convincing and nothing is better than proof you can do it.  Develop an easy no brainier routine that focuses on getting small but measurable weight loss results immediately. Commit to simple and easy activities such as using the stairs at work, packing your lunch, walking during breaks, increasing your water intake, acknowledge your wins every day.  This will prove when you commit and back yourself you get results.
  1. Don’t go on another diet, work out your psychology.  Work out what is at the centre of your weight concerns and what you would like to experience ahead.  Explore and challenge the thinking that has brought you to where you are right now with DIY Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  Some questions you could ask yourself:

-When did you first notice weight becoming a problem for you, what was happening at this time?

-What do you believe is holding you back from achieving your ideal shape and size body?

-What are your attitudes, beliefs and feelings towards weight loss? How can these be made constructive?

Only once you’ve cleared out the old stuff can you really learn to appreciate where you are at right now in life.  This rock solid platform lets you build a new compelling mindset geared for long term weight loss motivation and success.

  1. Nutrition and movement are essential to weight loss however what makes you value and commit to health long term is your psychology.  If you have the previous 2 steps you will be forever chasing the newest diet craze hoping it’s your weight loss saviour.

Investing in education about foods that decrease inflammation and disease will pay off in weight loss and long term body health.  Likewise look out for exercise that is adaptable to your lifestyle, i.e. serves to energise you throughout the day and calms you when required.  This could be as varied as pump class to get you going in the morning or few yoga moves to settle the mind and body before bed.

And lastly if you are over the whole dieting thing, seek avenues to keep you focused such as a group or course.  When you join other people with a common goal like losing weight, magic happens.  Being part of others transformation brings purpose and meaning to your own journey, something you just can’t get from dieting alone.

Invest in yourself and understand your own individual psychology of weight loss.  Be part of a small supportive community of 15 students in The 30 day Body Beautiful Program.  A professional weight loss course providing education on psychology, nutrition and movement with a focus on long term health and wellness.