Monika Polemicos is a Health and Wellness Practitioner, speaker, author and mum. Having spent over a decade working in the social welfare and charity sector, Monika has worked with people in the most vulnerable situations; drug abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, child abuse and mental health conditions.

Returning to the workforce and full time study after having a baby, Monika became overwhelmed, overworked and overweight with the responsibilities even Wonder Woman would struggle with. It was Monika’s expertise working in human the behaviour field and genuine fascination with psychology, counseling and transformational coaching that saw Monika finally lose 10kg by taking her own advice!

Armed with a briefcase full of inspiration and a wardrobe full of new figure-hugging clothes, Monika was compelled to create what is now Success Circle’s signature online program ‘Body Beautiful’.  This innovative ‘train your brain’ weight loss program has validated the use of psychology to empower women to take charge of their body and overcome weight loss barriers by addressing them at the root cause.

People who have worked with Monika feel ‘emotionally lighter’ and take a more confident approach to sustained weight loss. Monika has a private practice in Melbourne where she lives with her adoring husband John and their 2 smarties James and Maxim.